Many humans on earth, from their anthropocentric point of view, have the opinion that they are the only important and most precious species on the planet. In fact life on earth has been a multiple symbiosis of living beings for many millions of years before humanity. But now humans oppress, enslave, exploit and eradicate many other animals and each other and are about to annihilate most life on earth. Doesn´t it seem paradox, that in their abysmal arrogance they created a word called “humanism” which means treating other beings with mercy? Compared to other earthlings, humans have higher intelligence, but do they consequently have higher feelings? The special thing about humans is their passion. Love and hate forces culture but also death and war. Unfortunately the lazy holier-than-thou lifestyle of nearly everyone being part of the machinery drains nature and the meaning of life.
*sweet home dystopia*   2021   90x105cm oil/canvas
In contrast to most other species on earth most human beings live in civilisations, domesticated wild animals in houses, in cities, enslaved to work in factories. Everyone knows how to do their part in the machinery, but noone has control over it. A machine that destroys the reason for our life and in the end itself.

*A nightmare called reality*   2020   105x80cm oil/canvas
Humans think, they are the most intelligent species on earth, because, and that is kind of true, they have morality. They can decide what they want to do and not to do. In contrast to other animals on earth, who are simply guided by instinct and intuition. Survive, eat, breed.
Everyone knows about the misery caused by humanity, but noone wants to change and stop consumerism. The most dangerous animals on the planet are simple-minded fools. Survive, eat, breed.
The totalitarian dictatorship of capitalism does not tolerate morality or forward-looking ways of thinking. The principle of modern human civilisation is based on displacement. And that's the reason for the most morality-gifted species acting the most unethically on earth
*Errare humanum est*   2021   75x120cm oil/canvas
First they made machines do their work and lately they made computers do their thinking.
So they can comfortably hang around like stupid lazy animals rejecting the future.
And that´s what makes them human.
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