Born in the late seventies, he physically grew up in the countryside in the middle of nowhere quite in the middle of Germany, where the natives had high technology but low communication. Humans on earth invented language to communicate, at least they think they do. His early youth on earth was some awkward years for the alien boy, so that he created his own artificial language to be a part of the society: Painting. After some years of autodidactic studies he generated a new way to express his thoughts and feelings to make them approachable for human beings. Finally he intuitively generated his artificial skills to treat his schizoid depressive normality into something socially acceptable. Dwelling in the underground of several German cities, his artwork grew and lately washed up in Cologne, where he generated a subreal universe of psychonautic art styles to explore the world.
“ In the beginning I used art to escape from reality, then I used it to explore my own reality, now I use it to change our reality.”

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