In the beginning was nothing. Just a line. A line consists of nothing. As a separation between imaginary and existing things. Emerging from the bottom up. The Vertic. Like a horizon. But vertical instead of horizontal. Past creation´s sick waters are raining sideways. Like the rain, when you lay with your head on the window bench looking outside when it´s raining strings. Water is the origin of life. Elementary particles dance in circles forming the first organic connections. Until now everything happened subconscious. But then SHE woke up like from an everlasting dream. Consciousness was born. Thoughts dancing in circles forming organs. SHE created herself in a dream.
* Der Vertik *   2016   100x140cm oil/canvas
First SHE did not quite know what happened, what all this meant to be, where SHE came from, what it´s going to be, what the meaning of HER existence was. SHE felt alone. Are there any other beings? Don´t think too much, SHE thought to herself. Do something. Create. Give. New life. Maybe some servants. Gods. Company. SHE had a plan. A challenge. Meaning.
The first three gods SHE created in the shape of cocks. Each one received a small planet. A dusty ball, to create life.
* W *   2009   70x60cm oil/canvas
W was the first. Words were not invented yet, because there were so few things, that letters were enough to entitle everything. W was a psychic mutant. A self-destructive egocentric. He wanted to make war with everyone else and command the entire system. SHE did not like that. Some lightning from the Oort cloud. A crater in the cosmic bubble bath.
* Serlo *   2009   70x60cm oil/canvas
The second was Serlo. At first he was very creative. He created an atmosphere, a large ocean, covering more than half the planet, and some plants and animals, living in the water and onshore.
* Ikinci *   2014   70x60cm oil/canvas
When he started to construct humans, he discovered music. He was so fascinated that he interrupted building humans. Just playing music all the time.
* Üçüncü *   2015   70x60cm oil/canvas
The other animals did not like his music and went evolutionary backwards to the ocean, where they built spaceships to leave the planet. They were moving around in the universe half an eternity until they came to Saturn´s moon Enceladus, the multicultural centre of the universe, to find a new homeland. SHE was disappointed by Serlo, listened for a while, then SHE was bored. Bam!
* Rufus *   2009   70x60cm oil/canvas
Last but not least there was Rufus. He is a philosopher, who tries to get to the bottom of everything. That´s why he was in doubt about the system. He did not want to leave any offspring on a cold and dusty sad ball, so he never touched his godforsaken planet. In the course of time he achieved a higher state of consciousness and disappeared . Probably he is wandering around in other systems. The planet was kneaded through and recycled like a rest cluster of potters clay.
That´s why the cock is crowing in the morning, when you think the sun is rising. But in fact the planet is rising. We rise and go down. The sun is fixed, but you are on a swing and it seems like the earth is swinging.
Like a character made of clay with your hands, SHE imaginary formed a body for herself, not to consist only of a head any more. To stand on some underground, SHE created a kind of foam carpet, the Oort cloud. Too much occupational stress and the nightmares, from which SHE woke up at night kicking against the wall, made HER feet hurt. SHE longed for a foot bath with essential oils and such.. Soap bubbles rising, SHE realized , that spheres are an universal elementary shape, quite everything is based on. Imagined as as a foot radiator, the yellow sun, everyone of you knows, arises. For three-dimensional beings a sphere seems to be a circle. That´s why they invented the wheel when the earth was flat.
Being a creator is a heavy challenge. Everything has to be carefully planed. Several steps of production run parallel. While some fruits are growing, other vegetables are ready for harvest. So in between the next three planets were almost baked ready. They were much bigger and had better living conditions. SHE was very satisfied, because SHE had a new concept.
With the cocks SHE experienced something strange. SHE had feelings. That was somehow self-fulfilment but also a new challenge. Perhaps even something that makes life worth living. First SHE felt love towards her children. Then anger, because everything went wrong, and in the end SHE was sad, because SHE killed them. Now SHE wanted to create something, expressing her feelings.
SHE juggled the three balls into the orbit of the foot radiator, which shall be the source of energy for the people to have light and warmth. SHE had practised with some rest clusters before and dared by now to catch the orbit in a perfect distance to the sun and to give a nice drive around the planet´s own axis, for the people to enjoy day and night. To the gods , ruling the new planets , SHE gave a multiple mind according to the cocks and a new special feature. Feelings.

* Mit Titel *   2009   75x150cm oil/canvas
To Venus SHE gave love, for she should have to rule a place of harmony. Unfortunately the planet was not a good throw. The distance to the sun is small and organic figures melt away like candle wax. Besides the combination of available elements is quite a toxic mixture. It must be quite as cosy as in the middle of a volcano. To make matters worse the planet turns very slow, for which reason days are longer than years. Venus was very passionate to create life and did not give up. In the end she even achieved to settle some species of acidophile extremophiles in the atmosphere. Primitive beings feeling comfortable under extreme conditions .
* Der kleine Willi *   2016   75x60cm oil/canvas
In contrast to solitary goddess of love, Mars has a frozen heart and two companions called fear and fright. Moons are waste products resulting from balancing planets. Sometimes they are habitable and sometimes they are just toys for the gods. Mars ran like lubricated and the living conditions were much better than on Venus. Though still not good enough. The sun distance is too long, therefore it is too cold. The atmosphere is very thin and if you do not like carbon dioxide ice, you will not find any food here. A desolate landscape under a yellowish brown sky. Like within the soul of Willi Mars, personifying war. Unfortunately he had not any people to make war and only two beanbags. So he was nearly bursting by his anger.
The whole thing was a bit depressing, but SHE was still practising and like most things, you can not learn to produce planets in some days.
Finally earth was a strike. A systematic throw into the right orbit resulted moderate cold and warm areas for variable beings to arise. A small cluster thrown behind , SHE kicked the earth´s axe to a slope proportional to the sun, making earth wobble elegant in space, and instead of being cold somewhere and warm somewhere else earth pleases her earthlings with a wonderful varied climate.
For the mixture of elements SHE puzzled out a new recipe. Carbon based life. Some pepper in form of meteorite shower and the chemistry should be good. The project had what it takes to be HER masterpiece.

* Mandrillus *   2018   75x45cm oil/canvas
Mandrillus became lord of the earth. The most fiery and passionate god of the system. While earth rotated and its crust cooled down, forming shores and seas, he spent most of the time at home designing nearly countless different species of earthlings . Every earthling is unique in her own special way. There is only one thing they all have in common, a soul, a consciousness, feelings.
He planted complex ecological systems. In the water and onshore. In hot and in cold areas. Earthlings lived together in harmony, plants gave fruits to animals and therefore they spread their seeds. Animals ate other animals to prevent any exorbitant population. Even the whole waste, like carrion and excrement, gratified many people and was properly removed. The whole planet was a multiple symbiosis. Nearly too perfect.
As creation´s crowning glory he made a character in god´s own likeness. Mandrill, an old world monkey species living in a small area in the central African rainforest. After that he relaxed for some million years proudly observing his great work.
Meanwhile SHE was not deedless, experimenting with planets and elements. Amongst others the mighty three gas giants arose, monstrous balls in the outer orbit..

* Nepomuk *   2012   70x60cm oil/wire/canvas
SHE sent Nepomuk to Jupiter, The first gas giant. Nepomuk was a great mariner. A long time he was sailing around on the surface, strong-willed to establish a new civilisation, but Jupiter was just as strong-willed to prevent it.
Eternally sailing on the degrees of latitude, defying every storm, he was searching for a new homeland. Evolution throbbing in his veins. His head full of ideas. Sometime even some small animals tumbled from his beard. He never gave up. An endless fight. Against Jupiter or against his inner convulsion. Later he became a storm himself. Astronomers on earth call him „Great Red Spot“.
Frustrated SHE eagerly and nearly angry threw the remaining material afterwards, so that the lifeless monsters, should get a whole lot of moons, partly able to shelter primitive or even intelligent life.

* Der Erfinder *   2007   70x60cm oil/wire/canvas
After Nepomuk failed on Jupiter, SHE sent the Inventor August Gensing to the giant´s moons, to build a machine, to melt the icy surfaces, discover new life, optimize life conditions and support culture.
In spite of very low temperature the life conditions on Saturn´s moon Enceladus are very kind, for below the frozen surface there is liquid ice. Orbital centrifugal forces generate a lovely warm ocean, welcoming to take a bath or go fishing. August was an obsessed inventor. Ideas bubbled out of him, like geysers from out of Saturn´s little companion´s southern hemisphere. He just wanted to advance everything from nothing into existence. No matter if it was useful or not. First he built cars. They should heat the atmosphere and melt the ice. They were driving back and forth the whole time. To their jobs in the morning and back home in the evening, on Saturdays down-town for shopping and on Sundays just driving around for amusement. A very simple-minded species. After a hundred years of heating from -100° to -95° August ran out of patience. He was stressed by too much traffic jam and noise and felt like chasing cars. These small junkbeasts became a plague, disfiguring the beautiful landscape and droning in the ears.
So he built Audhumbla-Machine, a massive construction with some kind of melting-gadget, converting the distant sunlight into a concentrated very hot stream, to melt some holes into the icy surface and by the way simply plunge the annoying cars into the ice. It was quite easy to hire some people from Nepomuks beard to operate the monstrosity.
Soon they will discover a legend, a past forgotten world´s relict.
*She licked the salt-stones that were covered with rime, and the first day that she licked the stones there came out of them in the evening a man's hair, the second day a man's head, and the third day the whole man was there. This man's name was Bure*   Gylfaginning , Edda
Bure had many descendants. Amongst others his grandchildren were Odin, Wili and We.
This story inspired August to write his first book. In the Edda, the real Saga, Audhumbla is a cow, licking Bure out of the ice and suckling the giant Ymir. That is why from afar the machine looks like Ymir´s thirsty head and until now many adult humans drink the cow´s milk, because they love old myths, and become taller and taller.
In the course of time Enceladus became the multicultural centre of the system, everything rotates about. Facilities constructed by titans, positive energy through culture and peace, a skinny-dip paradise with car wrecks, cheap Planktonburgers everywhere, a place for pilgrims and the freedom-loving, an insider tip for adventurers and dropouts.
* Die Audhumbla-Maschine *   2011   150x100cm oil/canvas

Meanwhile Mandrillus was a bit bored, peace on earth, just normal life, always good and tasty food, a beautiful view, in winter skiing, in summer swimming in the sea. Earthlings had a real good time. But if you are a divine entity, time has a different meaning. You can just sleep for thousands of years or watch all films ever produced by humans within a second. He was out of work. Or was it already his pension? Anyway he had a heavy crisis. He left his house late at night, running around aimlessly, went to pubs and clubs, but he was bored by the people. One morning, when he came home drunk, he went in the studio to craft some more creatures. It should be the top of evolution. First he created some special intelligent apes and finally, like in a creative delusion, humans . He was furious. For the first time after billions of years he felt alive. These human beings shall turn boring peaceful earth into a fiery globe. They were armed with an exaggerated intelligence and able to overbalance harmony on earth. To make matters worse he built them in a god like shape and put a love and hate cocktail from Venus and Mars into their hearts.
Meanwhile SHE expanded the system by creating a second sun. Nemesis. A kind of death star. In case of emergency like the imminent escalation of life on a planet, Nemesis can speed up the natural climate change and barbecue the inhabitants. Just shortly, like a steak, to clean the environment and let new life blossom. For the first humans on earth Nemesis was not necessary, they disinfected the soil by burning down everything. They misbehaved quite bad. They were the end of the food chain and subordinated the other animals. Most of them they eradicated. Mandrillus was shocked. He had created a monstrosity. That made him think about himself, for all his creations are a part of his own soul. He was very excited, observing these freaks of nature like looking through a mirror into his own subconscious abyss. Humans increased explosively, devoured everything and appropriated much more than they needed to survive. As resources ran short and they had less than they needed to survive, they simply killed each other. Within some thousands of years they ruined a whole planet. SHE was fascinated. The new humanity was built to escalate. SHE instructed the inventor August Gensing to give them superhuman tools. The first humans annihilated all other earthlings with egomania and arrogance and finally each other with fire and sword. Dull and brutal, stupid freaks of nature.
Like children get toys built by adults, the new humans were given toys created by gods to learn about the universe. August is an all-rounder, he constructed machines, engines, aeroplanes and guns. Banished cosmic electricity into batteries. He built cars, televisions and telephones for the new humans. Finally humanity´s whole technical equipment ( excepting oscillators, which were created by Serlo ) are based on Gensing´s inventions. As well he is a grand artist, he composed, painted, wrote millions of books. Everything apparently fabricated by humans until 1926 is actually his work.
He even invented their history. They received an implantation of artificial past. All that was written in history books, was devised for them as a bad example, to make them think about it and probably change. It was an experiment. SHE gave them life like a mother to her child, born into a broken society. A child born into a cannibal tribe, will probably automatically become also a cannibal, without questioning it.
100 years Anthropocene should be enough time for them to change.
To make matters worse, SHE engaged bored Venus and Mars, to shed some love and hate. Be prepared for the show!
After SHE put all HER love and hate into Venus and Mars, SHE exiled all HER sorrows to the outer rim of the system. To ice giant Neptune. SHE sank her bad feelings into the deep of the ocean. But consistently the ghosts of HER nightmares make it back to the surface. A dark old strong hand grabs HER over and over again in HER sleep , filling HER body with aeriform fear, making HER floating high in an ammoniac and methane ice ocean until SHE wakes up screaming.

* Golgatha/Neptun *    2010/2018   90x120cm oil/canvas
Drumming noise. Engines howl, Humming machines, chimneys smoulder. 1926 on Earth. Mandrillus even dropped down his ears, because he could not stand the noise any longer. All earthlings have been reactivated. Same as in his first creation. New life was given to all animals, all plants and all stones. Clicking his fingers, the inventor turned on the human machinery. He had implanted an artificial memory into all humans living on earth at this point in time, to make them believe, they had experienced years and decades on earth, but it was just fake adventures, cheated into each brain chemistry. Earth had been pretty prepared for the new human world. He crafted fossil, buried dinosaur bones and treasures, raised pyramids and ruins.
Humans would not have been able to create all these things, unfortunately they are also unable to handle their equipment properly.
Machines had been invented to serve humans, but later humans serve the machines.
So the earth kept turning. History, as you know it and finally experienced it. From 1926 until now everything really happened. You and the other people here really exist. A small reality within a large surreality. All is real until this moment, where the sand flows through the narrow point of the hourglass. Future is beginning now. Your future. Earth future. The future of the universe.

* Frieden im Universum *   2017   150x100cm oil/canvas
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