Compared to other earthlings, in the end a human being does not only leave a carcass on earth, but also many awful things. While giant reptiles, which once ruled the planet, left amazing footprints, humans leave ecological footprints, deeper than many an other human abyss. Maybe future intelligent lifeforms will be amazed but also shocked about that. Like a kataklysm, visible as a sharp cut in the deposit of sediments. But not like elsewhere meteor strikes or movements of the earth´s crust are the reason, humanity is the natural disaster. They build castles in the air, live like there is no tomorrow, bite the hand that feeds them. In the end soulless souls wander about ghost towns until everything turns into dust.
The artist´s current creative period is concerned with the possible expiration of humanity on earth and what may be thereafter. Not in a scientific way, but kind of surreal metaphoric. Especially the humans´ decadent consumerism, which systematically destroys the planet, bothers him as a nature lover. But finally the earth will outlast humanity and create the next geological era after anthropocene.

* Barcelona *   2019   80x140cm oil/canvas
Like water hollows the stone, a flood of tourists deluges beautiful places all over the world every day, destroying nature, culture and art. Mostly people like famous things just because they are famous, not because they really like them.
* Barcelona *   2018   90x150cm oil/canvas
Once feral lords of the earth, ruling savage forests, we are now lost in the shopping center, trapped in the traffic jam, bound to our computer. Offenders but also slaves. God just moved to the house next door, from the cathedral to the temple of consume.
* Milano *   2019    130x190cm oil/canvas
Unstoppably machinery humanity rushes towards its own doom. Like a furious train in a timeline with a dead end. Technical evolution explodes while morality and spirituality are carved in stone for centuries.
* Köln *   2019   90x150cm oil/canvas
Earth is the reason for our life. If we destroy our planet, there is nothing anymore to stand on and we fall into the void. We poison a paradise and create hell on earth, explore space and forget, that heaven is in the ground we stand on. When we die, we go back into earth.
* Rotterdam *   2019   80x120cm oil/canvas
Beside a cure for body and soul, traveling is a great inspiration. Experience different places, nature and culture, forces creativity. In the beginning it started with a festival in Rotterdam, alienation, wanderlust and a bike trip to Italy.
Each of these paintings has a personal background, an emotional adventure at a special place on earth.
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